Scissor Lift


The Operate Boom Lift (OBL) course is aimed at providing individuals with the knowledge and skills to operate boom lifts safely. At the end of the course, participants will be proficient in selection of appropriate boom lifts, conducting risk assessment and route checks, identification of hazards for boom lift operations, basic boom lift operations and reinstating boom lifts in a safe manner.

Course Outline

  • Select an appropriate MEWP, including risk assessment for the task to be carried out
  • State the safety requirements under the Workplace Safety and Health Act and the Code of Practice for Working Safely At Height related to MEWP
  • Carry out pre-start inspection
  • State factors affecting stability
  • Identify common hazards during traveling, setup, operation and parking of MEWP and their control measures
  • Conduct workplace inspection
  • State function of all MEWPs controls, including emergency controls and emergency procedures
  • Use personal protective equipment appropriate to the task, worksite and environment. This is in accordance with outcome of risk assessment conducted and manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Operate the MEWP safely